The Misanthrope – Cleveland Play House Lab Theatre

Sarah Kinsey is wonderful as Eliante, Célimène’s cousin. The scene at the end of the play where she rejects Alceste’s advances was a show highlight and garnered just applause. – -Roy Berko, – Cleveland

…what to look for when you attend[…]Sarah Kinsey as Eliante whose patience and long suffering pays off in the end. -Mark Horning,

We have to care about the Baker and his Wife for this play to work, and the rock-solid Elliot Cunningham and Sarah Kinsey keep us invested. – ~ Ali Weiss, Cheeky Chicago

Performances not to be missed are those by[…] Sarah Kinsey as the Baker’s Wife whose spunk is charming, even as it leads to her downfall. – Laurie Grauer, The Urban Coaster

Standouts include Sarah Kinsey as the Baker’s Wife…-Web Behrens, Chicago Free Press

The Typographer’s Dream – 5th Floor Productions

Velvet-voiced Sarah Kinsey has her moments as the burned-out typographer…-Sarah Terez Rosenblum, Centerstage Chicago

Most mysterious is typographer Margaret (Sarah Kinsey) who extols the beauty, quality control and psychology of fonts and typefaces… – Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Free Press

Tallgrass Gothic 5th Floor Productions

….Sarah Kinsey does well with the role of a closeted lesbian, by far the most attractive, interesting character. -Laura Molzahn, Chicago Reader

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